The Orange County Women’s Chorus creates and performs outstanding choral literature, engages and enriches our audiences, and celebrates women in music.


The Orange County Women’s Chorus is nationally regarded as an artistic and organizational leader in women’s choral music.


We, the Board members and singers of the Orange County Women’s Chorus, value:

  • Excellence: The Orange County Women’s Chorus pursues artistic excellence by recruiting talented and dedicated musicians, preparing and performing choral music with the highest level of artistic integrity, and commissioning new works for women’s voices.
  • Community: The Orange County Women’s Chorus fosters a deeply felt sense of community among its members. We support each other, have fun, and work together to achieve artistic excellence.  The OCWC strives to extend this sense of community to our audiences, collaborators, and donors.
  • Diversity: The Orange County Women’s Chorus embraces different perspectives and abilities.  We are women who come from a variety of backgrounds, life experiences, and professions, ranging in age from young adult to retirees.  We are committed to performing music from different cultures and eras, in original languages.
  • Leadership: The Orange County Women’s Chorus is an advocate for women’s choral music and for women in music.  We commission and perform new work for women’s voices and we offer opportunities for women to develop expertise and gain recognition as singers and conductors.  Our board is actively engaged in organizational development, and is committed to adopting best practices for nonprofits and lifelong learning.
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