Repertoire List

This listing is alphabetical by composer.


African song   Siyahamba: arr. Donald Moore
Aguiar Ernani Salmo 150
American Civil Rights Song   Stayed on Freedom
Anon. Scottish, arr. Sheena Phillips   Lady Lothian’s Lilt
American spiritual   Down in the Valley to Pray: arr. Michael Cleveland
Anon., 12th century   Castitatis Thalamum
Anon., 14th century   Angelus ad Virginem
Anon., 14th century   Flos Regalis
Anon., 15th century   There is No Rose
Anon., 18th century   Montes y Valles
Anon., c. 1482   In Natali Domini
Aruban folksong, arr. E. Toppenberg   Balia di Sehu
Bach Johann Sebastian  Gottes Engel weichen nie, BWV 149
Barnwell Ysaye M. Breaths
Barnwell Ysaye M. Wanting Memories
Bartók Béla Three Treble Choruses
Bartók Béla Cipósütes
Bartók Béla Enchanting Song; The Wooing of a Girl
Basque, arr. Melissa Roth   A la puerta del cielo (“At Heaven’s door”)
Baxter Francis Snow on the River
Beach Amy Come Unto These Yellow Sands
Beethoven Ludwig van Symphony No. 9 (with Saddleback Master Chorale and South Coast Symphony)
Berlin, arr. H. McCarthy Irving White Christmas
Bernstein Leonard There is a Garden (from Trouble in Tahiti)
Biebl Franz Ave Maria (SATB)
Biegel Jeffrey Hey Ho, the Wind and the Rain
Billings William Judea
Bonds Margaret Selections from Ballad of the Brown King
Boulanger Lili Les Sirènes
Brahms Johannes Ave Maria
Brahms Johannes  Der englische Gruss (“The Angelic Greeting”)
Brahms Johannes Four Songs for Women's Chorus, Two Horns, and Harp
Brahms Johannes Geistliches Wiegenlied
Brahms Johannes Selections from Liebeslieder-Walzer and Neue Liebeslieder
Brahms Johannes The 13th Psalm
Britten Benjamin A Ceremony of Carols
Britten Benjamin The Oxen
Brunner David L. Yo Le Canto El Dia
Busto Javier Ave Maria
Busto Javier La Noche en la Isla
Byrd William From Virgin's Womb and Rejoice, Rejoice
Carmichael Mary Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred
Carmichael Mary Who Is Sylvia
Casals Pablo Cançó a la Verge
Cesis Sulpitia Stabat Mater
Chaminade Cécile Ronde du Crepuscule
Chan Ka Nin Ave Maris Stella
Conte David The Milky Way
Copland Aaron An Immorality
Cozzolani Chiara Margarita O Gloriosa Domina
Crocker Emily It Was a Lover and His Lass
Dalglish Malcolm Hosanna (from Hymnody of Earth)
Davies Peter Maxwell The Fader of Heven
Debussy Claude Salut Printemps
de Falla Manuel Nana
Dello Joio Norman A Jubilant Song
Dennis & Earl Brent Matt  Angel Eyes
DeShantz Louis M. A Teasdale Winter Trilogy
Diemer Emma Lou Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
Diemer Emma Lou Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?
Dilworth Rollo Jordan’s Angels
Dominican Folksongs, Arr. Francisco Nuñez   Three Dominican Folksongs
Drummond R. Paul Sigh No More, Ladies
Dryburgh and Norah Chambers Margaret The Captives' Hymn from Song of Survival
Duparc Henri L’Invitation au Voyage
Dupré Marcel The World Awaiting the Savior (from Passion Symphony)
Duruflé Maurice Tota Pulchra Es
Dvořak Antonin Four Moravian Duets
Dvořak Antonin Three Moravian Duets
Dvořak, arr. M. Dryburgh and N. Chambers Antonin Largo (from Song of Survival)
Effinger Cecil Silence
Egan Raymond Epiphany Hymn
Egan Raymond i thank you god
Egan Raymond Increasing December
English folksong, arr. Eleanor Daley   The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle
English Folksong, arr. Margaret Dryburgh and Nora Chambers   Londonderry Air (from Song of Survival)
Fauré Gabriel  Ave Maria
Fine Irving Beautiful Soup
Fine Irving Three Choral Settings from Alice in Wonderland (I, II, III)
Forsyth Malcolm Auyuittuq
Giron Arsenio Autumn Wind
Glass Philip Dreamy Kangaroo
Goffin and King, arr. Raugh and Sharon   Up on the Roof
Gresham Mark The Young Galileo
Haitian Folksongs, Arr. Electo Silva   Four Haitian Folksongs
Hampton Keith Praise His Holy Name
Handel Georg Frideric  Angels Ever Bright and Fair (from Theodora)
Handel Georg Frideric  Let the Bright Seraphim (from Samson)
Harma Miina Ei Saa Mitte Vaiki Olla and Nooruse Unenagu
Harrison Lou Here Is Holiness
Hatfield Stephen Chant for a Long Day
Hatfield Stephen When the Stars Fall
Haugen Linda Tutas Anne Frank, a Living Voice
Haugen Linda Tutas Sunshine and Cloudless Sky, from Anne Frank, A Living Voice
Hendrie Gerald As I Outrode this Enderes Night
Hensel Fanny Mendelssohn Wandl'ich in dem Wald des Abends
Hildegard of Bingen   O Virtus Sapientiae
Hildegard of Bingen   Quia Ergo Femina (antiphon)
Hirsch Nurit Bashana Haba’ah
Hogan Moses Music Down in my Soul
Holland Wilfrid Selections from Epiphany
Holmes  Brian The Mermaid
Holmes Brian I Shall Keep Singing
Holmes Robert Evans Beams of Gentle Light
Holst Gustav Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda (set 3)
Holst Gustav Hymn to the Dawn and Hymn of the Travellers
Hovhaness Alan O Lady Moon
Huber Ruth Big Dogs, Music, and Wild, Wild Women
Huber Ruth To My Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship
Humperdinck Englebert  Evening Prayer (from Hansel and Gretel)
Huron dance song   Innoria: arr. Donald Patriquin
Ingalls Jeremiah Jesus Christ the Apple Tree
Israeli folksong, arr. Nina Gilbert   Artsa Alinu
Jansons Andrejs Two Latvian Carols
Jansons Andrejs Ziemas svëtki sabraukuši
Jenkins Karl Sleep, Child of Winter
Johnson and M. Morgan, arr. Mac Huff T. Some Days You Gotta Dance
Jones Quincy Miss Celie’s Blues
Kahn, arr. David Moore Si We All Sang 'Bread and Roses'
Kenyan folk song   Wana Baraka: arr. Shawn L. Kirchner
Kodály Zoltán Christmas Dance of the Shepherds
Kodály Zoltán Dancing Song
Kodály Zoltán Epiphany
Kodály Zoltán Esti Dal
Kodály Zoltán Vizkereszt 
Kohlsaat and James Oppenheim Caroline Bread and Roses
Korean folk song   Nodle Kangbyon: arr. Wallace Hornady
Krenek Ernst In Paradisum
Krenek Ernst Three Madrigals
Kutev Philip Dragana i Slaveya
Lam Angel Oh Stars, from the Abyss
Larsen Libby I Just Lightning
Larsen Libby Today, this spring (I, II & III)
Lasso Orlando di  Tragico tecti syrmate (“Clothed in tragic robes”)
Lins, arr. Jim Scott Ivan Common Ground
Lofberg Maria Hildegard Motets
Lofberg Maria O Virtus Sapientiae
Lotti Antonio Vere languores nostros
Lutoslawski Witold In a Manger
Mahler Gustav The Cuckoo, the Nightingale, and the Donkey
Marvin Jameson Each Future Song
Mathias William O Aula Nobilis
McSweeney Ryan Pied Beauty
Mechem Kirke A Farewell
Mechem Kirke Selections from The Winged Joy 
Mechem Kirke Songs of the Slave
Mendelssohn Felix Lift Thine Eyes
Mendelssohn Felix Veni, Domine
Messiaen Olivier Trois Petites Liturgies de la Présence Divine (Three Little Liturgies of the Divine Presence)
Moorse Peter A Child is Born
Morales Cristobal de O Magnum Mysterium
Munn Zae The Muse
Munn Zae The Stove
Native American song   Mahk Jchi: arr. Ulali
Orff Carl Carmina Burana
Orff Carl Song of the Sun
Paranjoti Victor Dravidian Dithyramb
Parker Alice Invocation—Peace
Parrotta Kathryn Chornik  Ave Maria 2
Peaslee Sandi And Ain't I a Woman?
Pergolesi  Giovanni Battista Stabat mater (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII,XIII)
Persichetti Vincent Maggie and milly and molly and may
Persichetti Vincent Sam was a man
Persichetti Vincent Winter Cantata
Pinkham Daniel Angels Are Everywhere
Pinkham Daniel Angelus ad Pastores Ait and Christmas Cantata (SATB)
Pinkham Daniel Bugs
Pinkham Daniel From Three Lenten Poems of Richard Crashaw (I, III)
Pinkham Daniel Manger Scenes
Porter, arr. Dot Calvin Cole Another Op'nin', Another Show
Poulenc Francis Ave Maria
Poulenc Francis Ave verum corpus
Poulenc Francis Petites Voix (I, II, III, IV, V)
Powell Rosephanye Still I Rise
Praetorius Michael Ecce Maria
Praetorius Michael Sing With Joy, Loud Voices Raise (SSAATTB)
Prokofiev Sergei Sunlight Streaming in the Chamber and There is Nothing Comparable with Love
Purcell Henry Sing, Sing, Ye Muses
Québécois folk song   Ah ! Si mon moine vouait danser: arr. Donald Patriquin
Rachmaninov Sergei  Angel
Rachmaninov Sergei Six Songs
Ratcliff Cary I Will Wind Thee in My Arms
Reagon Bernice Johnson I Remember, I Believe
Reagon Bernice Johnson The Seven Principles
Reger Max Mary’s Cradle Song
Ritsing Alo Sulle Mulle
Rorem Ned Gentle Visitations
Rossini Gioacchino Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti (Comic Duet for Two Cats)
Sallinen Aulis Songs from the Sea
Samoan folksongs   Pusi Nofo and Moemoe Pepe, arr. Christopher Marshall
Schafer R. Murray Miniwanka
Schafer R. Murray Snowforms
Scheidt Samuel A Child is Born in Bethlehem
Schubert Franz Horch, horch, die Lerch
Schubert Franz Ständchen 
Schubert, arr. Johannes Brahms Franz Ellens Zweiter Gesang
Schumann Clara Wieck Two Songs
Schumann Robert Spruch
Serbian Gypsy dance   Niška Banja: arr. Nick Page
Shaker tune, arr. Gwyneth Walker   How Can I Keep from Singing?
Sirett Mark Watane
Slovenian folk song   Igraj Kolce: arr. Jakob Jež
Smyth Dame Ethel Laggard Dawn
Smyth Dame Ethel March of the Women
Somary Johannes Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church
Spassov Ivan Twche Donka Platno
Spiritual, arr. Andre Thomas   Keep Your Lamps
Spiritual, arr. Clifton J. Noble   Hold On
Spiritual, arr. Clifton J. Noble   Listen to the Angels Shouting
Spiritual, arr. Edward Jurey   Mary Had a Baby
Spiritual, arr. J. David Moore   Follow the Drinking Gourd
Spiritual, arr. Jester Hairston   Poor Man Laz'rus
Spiritual, arr. Marylou India Jackson   Steal Away
Spiritual, arr. Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory   Go Where I Send Thee!
Spiritual, arr. Ron Huff   Wonderful Counselor
Spiritual, arr. Ysaye M. Barnwell   There Is a Balm in Gilead
Stravinsky Igor Cantata
Suffragette song arr. Bob Gunn: Everything But Vote
Susa Conrad Carols and Lullabies, Christmas in the Southwest
Swahili song   Furaha! arr. Sally K. Albrecht
Szymko Joan Angels Singing Out of Tune
Szymko Joan Ave Maria
Szymko Joan It Takes a Village
Szymko Joan My Soul Magnifies the Lord
Tamil song   Ödi Ödi: arr. Stephen Hatfield
Tann Hilary Contemplations 21, 22
Terricciano Alan Jasmine; Cosas Alegrias; Canon
Thompson Randall The Place of the Blest
Thornhill, arr. R. Emerson Ruth and Claude Snowfall
Torme and Robert Wells, arr. Ruth Emley Mel The Christmas Song
Tormis Veljo Kevadkillud (Spring Sketches)
Trad. Japanese, arr. Ro Ogura   Hotaru Koi
Trad. Nigerian, arr. Babatunde Olatunji and Wendell Whalum   Betelehemu
Trad. South African, arr. Nyberg   Freedom is Coming and We Are Free
Trad., arr. Caroline Lyon   Two South African Ceremonial Songs
Trad., arr. G. Emlen   Breton Carol
Trad., arr. J. E. Hughes   Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
Trad., arr. Samuel Adler   Who Can Retell?
Trad., arr. Stephanie Feder   Eli, Eli
Traditional Polish carol   Lulajze Jezuniu
Traditional, arr. Joan Szymko   African Lullaby
Trumbore Dale Tribute (WORLD PREMIERE)
Various, arr. Bob Gunn   Sing It, Sister!
Vaughan Williams Ralph Orpheus with his Lute
Verdi Giuseppe Laudi alla Vergine Maria
Verdi Giuseppe Three Witches' Choruses from Macbetto
Victoria Tomás Luis de Duo Seraphim (“Two Seraphim”)
Vivaldi Antonio Magnificat (Ospedale version)
Walker Gwyneth Silver Apples of the Moon
Walker William Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus
Walker William Hail the Blest Morn
Walker William The Hills are Bare at Bethlehem
Walter Lana Elizabeth's Ave
Walter Lana The Old Woman in a Basket
Walter Lana To My Dear and Loving Husband
Warren, arr. Mac Huff Harry Chattanooga Choo Choo
Whitacre Eric She Weeps Over Rahoon
White Jason Emmanuel
Willson, arr. Mac Huff Meredith It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Wood Charles Mater Ora Filium
Young  Robert How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps
Yupanqui, arr. Emile Sola Atahualpa Duerme Negrito