From ushering at our concerts to assisting with concert receptions and special events, the OCWC offers a variety of opportunities to engage the talents and support of our many volunteers.

Volunteer Program Mission

The mission of the OCWC Volunteer Program is to support the mission and demonstrate the values of the Orange County Women's Chorus by engaging participants of all ages in producing our concerts and special events. The volunteer program provides a vital link between the OCWC and the community, and enables the OCWC to offer its programs to the community in an accessible and affordable way.


Volunteers are deeply appreciated in our organization. You will be invited to special events for volunteers only. Your contributions will be recognized in our concert programs, subject to printing deadlines. You are an important part of the OCWC family!

Get Involved Today!

If you would like to volunteer to help the OCWC, contact our volunteer coordinator, Cynthia Knell. Cynthia will respond to you to let you know how you can get involved and make a difference!  Our current volunteer opportunities are listed below. Click on an opportunity to learn more about it and to sign up to help!